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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. scores of world leaders travel osearchto south africa for the l this week. snow and high winds as the u.s. finds itself in a deep chill. world leaders from nearly 100 nations are making their way to south africa to honor one man: nelson mandela.
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among those already in south africa former u.s. president jimmy carter who is in johannesburg. kofe annan. and the former president of ireland is there. dozens of others are en route. president obama and the first lady left for south africa, board air force 1 joined by george bush and his wife. are ali velshi is leading our team in johannesburg. ali, set the scene for us literally hours before the event tomorrow in johannesburg. >> well it's gone cold, tony, it's raining tonight in johannesburg. it was a clear day. police were setting up barricades and rerouting. you could see dignitaries coming in and police convoys. as you said jimmy carter is here
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as well. george w. bush, bill clinton will be here, world leaders from all over the place. i had a chance to sit down with jimmy carter, who knew nelson mandela very well. he was on the same plane coming down. he said in all the times he knew nelson mandela, he never said thank you to the u.s. government to end apartheid. here's why. >> i would say i had many talks with nelson mandela. i never heard him say, that he was grateful to the united states. he was grateful to cuba, he was grateful to others that spoke up for him while he was still in prison. he was grateful to the people that condemned the apartheid regime. but i don't think that he felt that his freedom and the change that took place in south africa
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was attributable to the united states. >> and of course, it wasn't just the united states that he was upset about. nelson mandela you know would have named germany and france and great britain. he did love the american people. he made many trips to america. but he remembers that particularly after jimmy carter both great britain and the united states as you and i discussed the other day tony were not all that great about the end of apartheid. >> absolutely. ali let's talk a little bit about your trip today. you visited one of the poorer sections of that city. what do the people there have to say about nelson mandela? >> well, i was in alexander township which is next to sandton, the richest place in south africa, these townships were because the black people couldn't live in the city. these townships substandard
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built for 70,000 people, there may be some estimates more than half a million people ru there . we saw shanties and rats running around. there were houses we had seen being built that had water, running water and hot water and electricity but there are a lot of places tony that look exactly like they would have looked in the '70s and '80s and there's a lot of disaffected people. they are sad mandela's gone but life hasn't improved for them as much as they would hoped or would have liked. >> ali tell me about the memorial service and what happens over the next few days? we know there are plenty of events lined up. >> yeah. so the memorial will be at soccer city, fmb stadium, where the world cup final was, where mandela made the last public appearance. then the building will go to
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pretoria, where it will lay in state, and then mandela's ancestral home land on the indian ocean, for the funeral, a very much smaller event, but they are constructing a facility in case dignitaries show up. but police were setting up the barricades. >> ali velshi, great to talk to you. and al jazeera america will provide further coverage, i will be there tomorrow morning, of a human rights icon, our coverage begins 4:00 a.m., eastern, 1:00 a.m. pacific time. a crisis unfolding in the central african republic.
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in the
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most people here welcome what is happening. they want the french to do more.
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>> translator: we're really happy with what the french have just done to disarm the seleka from bangui. ,. >> these are tense times, there are no army or police on the street. only some african forces and french forces. the fear is with no rule of law there will be mob justice. after days of killing some people have had enough. ftc they're out for revenge. nasane mashiri, al jazeera, bangui. >> the majority of the crircht nation overthrown by muslim rebels. the clock is ticking once again for congress for lawmakers, it is the final week of the year. both houses in washington at the same time both houses facing a laundry list of items to be voted on.
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the biggest is of course the budget. to avoid a shutdown like happened in october. libby casey, what happens if congress doesn't meet its end of the year deadline? >> the first deadline we're coming up really fast friday, december the 13th. this is when 29 members of the house and senate a budget conference committee to put out their proposal on how to keep this government running and funded. paul ryan chairman of the house and patty murray, one republican one democrat engaging in talks, don't expect them to come up with a big proposal but a modest proposal could keep the government funded and running past the next deadline we're watching, january 15th. that's the real one. this friday is fairly arbitrary. if they botch that, if they can't come to any agreement the sky doesn't fall. but it's the january 15th
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deadline they're trying to get ahead of. we are seeing that they are going to try to come up with sequester cuts, the question is how to pay for them. we're watching for something like user fees, perhaps cuts to federal worker workers benefits. issues that the members of the committee are trying to hammer out. stay tuned. >> talk about hammering things out, a budget isn't the only thing that congress is trying to hammer out. what else tops that agenda? >> it is a big agenda. harry reid laid it out for us this afternoon. >> we must address the issue of additional sanctions against iran, we must address the jobs conference report, medicare keeping doctors by adjusting physician payments. we must consider a large number of nominations, and ensure the government can continue the work of the people. >> the farm bill, well that
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means things like food stamps, ag subsidies, congress has to deal with it or pass a short term extension. so milk prices don't shoot up to $7 a gallon starting in february. today the senate is working on a bill banning plastic guns. something that's been law since 1988. gun manufacturers have to include a piece of metal in guns that are made of plastic otherwise. that's so they set off metal detectors, bringing them into places that people don't know about it. unless the senate moves forward on it. a very long list of things oget done in the next week. >> libby casey in capitol hill, libby thank you. joining us to help crunch some of the numbers is washington post reporter brad plummer. good to talk to you. i was reading your blog and trying to make heads or tails of it. it's really well done.
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here is my question. is it true the proposed budget deal that both sides are working on now, comes in at a lower number than paul ryan's proposed budget in 2010 and at a much lower level than the white house wanted originally? >> yeah. so the first thing that jumps out about the agreement that they're working on is that it would actually raise spending a little bit from next year. and from what they had -- what was scheduled to happen under current law. but if you actually look what's been happening over the years and how that debate has evolved, republicans have really succeeded in this spending debate. >> yes. >> on pushing the numbers down. paul ryan originally in his 2010 budget, envisioned a certain level of spending over $1 trillion in discretionary spending for next year. and as democrats move closer to his position he ratcheted that number down. and republicans have really pushed the amount of spending that congress is willing to consider down considerably over
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the years. >> so this is more austere, a budget, if it works its way through the house, we'll talk about that in a second. if this is more austerity as opposed to real stimulus. this is a win for austerity. >> yeah, i think over the years, it certainly is pushing in that direction, yes. >> so what are the benefits of the proposed deal that's being worked on right now? >> well, the big things, from both sides, democrats would obviously like to protect certain domestic spending programs from the sequester. so they would like a little more money to fend off some of the cuts to some of those programs, whether it's housing or the epa or transportation, republicans, a lot of republicans, are really opposed to the coming cuts in military spending. so they'd like to find a way to fend that off and just make it easier for the military to deal with budget cuts. basically, the budget cuts that are scheduled in law for next year, are steep enough that's
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hard even for republicans to pass spending bills that outline which programs actually get cut. so everyone sort of benefits from a little leeway in how much spending will drop next year. >> gotcha. >> but also republicans don't want a government shutdown. they did fairly well in polling in the last one. >> so brad legality me ask you this -- let me ask you this. why do we care and why all of us should be paying attention here. how would this deal be paid for? >> right. so you need -- if you want to keep a deficit the way it is, you need to find some way to save money elsewhere if you're going to boost spending for the next two years which is what they're talking about. they're talking about cutting spending over a longer time frame in other areas. one area they might ask federal employees to pay a little more for their pension plans. another possible rumored area is they might hike the fees for airline security. now we don't know the exact details of these, and in some
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ways that's actually a good sign. the fact that a lot of these proposals aren't really leaking in their specifics means that the talks are still ongoing and that they're still productive and you know, a couple of people have said, once you start hearing these damaging leaks about oh, this isn't it or democrats are proposing this that's when things are falling apart. >> brad let me ask you, what are the chances of this deal as it's taking shape now passing both chambers, i'm particularly talking about the house, if you talk about fees that's easily construed as a tax. >> the house is a tricky part. the conventional wisdom is if it passes the house it can pass the senate. there are a lot of conservatives who don't want any spending, they are going to be flatly refusing it. the others will accept fees,
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does that count as a tax or something okay. and grover norrequisite has talked about this. he basically said he wasn't in -- norquist has talked about this. it's going to be close. >> brad, appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> he's from the washington post and joining us from washington, good to talk to you. a brutal mix of ice, snow and bitter cold has become a really deadly mix from coast to coast right now. travel is dangerous. and if you have booked a flight you may want to call ahead before you get to the airport. chances are it would be a good bet. let's get a check on the weather system now with meteorologist dave warren. dave. >> yeah, it looks like the weather system is really holding together. it's moved out, we're getting a break between system, the pattern is really the same. we could first see this winter
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weather developing across the northern plains. this is the actual temperature but when you factor in the wind speed i.t. goes to 20 below, fargo, north dakota is 21 below. there might not be a lot of snowfall but a blizzard warning, decreased visibility, cold air moving south, not a lot of snow but blowing snow reducing visibility. that's one area of concern. this whole pattern is set up. it hasn't changed. that system yesterday went along the jetstream, i-95 baltimore to washington, d.c, new england, another one set up to do the same thing tomorrow. timing will be critical. overnight tonight, morning rush tomorrow is dry, but this snow really starts to pick up and move south throughout the day tomorrow. so timing looks like it's right in the middle of the day. that could impact the evening rush. we'll let you know on that and
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see how much snow we'll ski, where that's the national forecast coming up a little bit later. >> thank you. still ahead on al jazeera america, family of five playing in the snow has led to a rescue in the sierra nevada mountains, and thailand has tried to resolve a cries you by dissolving part of the government. >> and stop to spying, now gamers are getting involved. i'll explain next on al jazeera america. al jazeera america is growing and now more americans are getting the high quality, original, in-depth reporting al jazeera america is known for. >> to find out more about al jazeera america go to
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>> this isn't a new channel, this is a watershed moment in media for america. >> this entire region is utterly devastated. >> people our here are struggling. >> the fire jumped the highway we took earlier. >> your average viewer want's to actually understand how the
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health care law is going to help them or hurt them. >> they know they can get extremist bickering somewhere else. >> people say that we're revolutionary. our revolution is just going back to doing the best in journalism. >> this is the place to go watch high quality journalism, period. al jazeera america is growing and now more americans are getting the high quality, original, in-depth reporting al jazeera america is known for. >> to find out more about al jazeera america go to >> for months the world last been eyeing the nsa and tech jientsdz are fighting -- giants are fighting back against government snooping, twitter, facebook and microsoft, google just to name a few. collection of personal data it also promotes individual privacy. we should tell you the latest group at the center of
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government spying is the online community of gamers, documents leaked by nsa whistle blower edward snowden show british and u.s. intelligence reportedly spied on gamers to counter-terrorism. >> tony, the concern that the agency had that terrorists could communicate, transfer funds or plan attacks via these types of games. and we are talking about very popular ones out there. this is second life. let me show you, let's see if we can get a full screen of this one. you can basically set up after avatars, i went into this one, which is some sort of medieval place. and then you can walk around, you can look at other characteristics that may be in the same world as you are. you can also buy things using their currency which is the lyndon dollar. and then that currency can be
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convertto u.s. dollars. there is -- converted to u.s. dollars. a document which is world of war craft. and this is used by som search million paying subscribers mer month. it lets you build characters, room around, chase monsters, you can buy things in this world as well. now i spoke with justin elliot from pro publica, the agency that broke the story. >> the cia and other agencies were creating characters in order to walk around, talk to other players, just as you would in real life, trying to recruit informants, the other way was collecting data in the same way that nsa collects e-mail data from the internet but filtering it for gaming data in order to see communications in games like world of war craft and also see
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things like who was talking to who within the game to just try to create social networks. >> and there's no evidence that the fbi or cia were able to gather any intelligence from these games. second life hasn't commented on this and a spokesman from world of war craft says, we aren't aware of any of this, if it were done it would be without our knowledge or permission. there have been people tweet going this. we want to show you this, chris says seriously how stoked are you, to convince an nsa committee what should be your job? also this was tweeted out, daniel stuki showed this image national security agency world of war craft. >> oh my goodness. appreciate it, thank you.
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let's see on wall street stocks are slightly higher at the close. the dow edging up almost 6 points, the s&p 500 hitting a new record high. investors are waiting for new clues we are told about whether the federal reserve will start winding down its massive economic stimulus program. there is a new airline in the skies today. american airlines and u.s. air completed their merger forming the largest air carrier. four airlines now cover 80% of u.s. air flights. gas prices are up. the lundberg survey says the price per gallon rose 3 cents in the last two weeks, average for regular is $3.29. jeremy is a financial writer with zacks investment service.
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>> pleasure, man. >> american airlines and u.s. airways have locked up this merger. what's it going to mean jarrod for flying public for you for me for all of us? >> as a pilot myself i'm pretty close to the industry and i obviously travel quite a bit. i spent last year traveling just weekly. what's interesting is when you look at the deal a lot of people want to poo poo it. and a am sure on some level there is going to be some negative. think about it, they are going to be sharing in cost and technology. the potential issue would be with the frequent flier program right? which is going to be about 100 million people in the new combined entity. by the way delta was number 1, now they become number 1. i think biggest issue we have to grapple with, is what is to become of that? i just got a letter the next year for american is going to be business as usual. same thing for u.s. air. i think it is going to be several months --
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>> can i propose something a bigger issue for folks? jarrod, are we likely to see higher ticket prices? >> this is a great statistic, a lot of folks have asked me that the last couple of weeks. did you know ticket prices are down 50% since 1980, can according to airlines for america, they are a good outfit, 50% decrease, by the way gas prices are up 35% and there has been a ton of consolidation. what will lead to higher ticket prices is oil. and if oil prices rise, if diesel prices rise, which is basically what jet fuel is that's where you're going to see the rise in ticket prices in my opinion. >> i'm going to jump ahead. give me your idea on gas prices up 6 cents sings november. >> this is atypical.
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generally december and january, follows a natural sort of movement, in other words you have the big summer driving season, sort of peaks off august, september, rebuilds, february to april is where we get our move back higher. so i wouldn't say this is really anything crazy. i think the reason why are these cold temperatures. remember there is a big correlation between natural gas oil gasoline, right? pretty much comes from the same place, i know that is a bit rudimentary but it's true. there was a draw down in gas prices, at a six month high, that will slightly influence gas prices. >> jarrod levy, thanks jarrod. ross is here with a look at sports headlines. bad news for the new england patriots. >> tough year for rod gronkowski. his season is over because of another injury. folks you may want to close your
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eyes because this video is nasty. he tore his acl and ncl, it was a clean hit according to the rules but gronkowski in obviously pain. the two-time pro-bowler has a torn acl and ncl in his right knee and his season is over. guess who's back? kobe bryant made a come back. 9 points and eight rebounds. kobe gave himself an f after the game for his performance. the diamond he was a gem of a pitcher. after 16 seasons in the bigs, ray halliday decided to call it quits. in his first postseason appearance for the phillies he
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pitched a no hitter. toronto, he wants to spend the time with in the bluejays, and his back is giving himself a problem. we all know that can happen when we get older. >> i'm much younger than you. >> testing georgia's stand your ground laws. and a little protection out there, a bankrupt municipality for the holidays.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at your top stories. world leaders are making their way to south africa to pay their respects to nmedz. the president and first -- nelson mandela. the president and first lady left for south africa today. lawmakers will be facing
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pressure and pressing matters before they leave for the holidays. on the agenda a massive defense bill and a farm bill but perhaps the most significant issue is the budget, to avoid a deal like last october. car pileups and massive flight delays. the national weather service is predicting another massive storm from washington, d.c. to boston tomorrow. detroit's troubles are having a ripple effect across the country. its bankruptcy case sets a precedent how cities going through the same process handle its economic woes. the city of stockton in northern are california owes more than a billion dollars to its creditors. has few options. melissa chan has the story. >> in the back of their minds a not so merry prospect. as a retired city worker of
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bankrupt stockton his pension is in peril. >> they don't have any real concern about what happens to the people, their families that lose their medical care. and if we lose our pension, then i'll probably lose my house. >> in the era of boom before the financial crisis bust, stockton made some costly mistakes. over building and investing in pricey city projects including a stadium and marina and providing a generous some say exorp tant plan -- exorbitant plan for municipal employees. even basic services such as police officers and firefighters. crime skyrocketed. >> this is an ugly, ugly thing. bankruptcy is something we really wish we didn't have to do. once you get there you don't have a whole lot of options to get out. >> stockton would not, pensions,
4:34 pm
stock tostockton's proposed plan this is answer. >> california state law protects public pensions. stockton has come up with other ways to reduce costs including abandoning retiree health care and passing a higher sales tax. >> we have made drastic reductions in our workforce which again reduces the liability we would have for the pensions going forward. we've also made drastic
4:35 pm
reductions in the actual pay that our employees receive. >> the detroit decision paves the way for at least one creditor and a coalition of taxpayers to go after stockton's pension fund, an unwelcome prospect for retired city workers. >> our contention as employees is, we've already lost our medicals. we have taifn a hit. -- taken a hit. they say all the creditors have taken the hit, we didn't, we took a big hit. >> for alfred and others across the country who face a less secure and cozy future, melissa chan, al jazeera, stockton, california. prosecutors in georgia are deciding whether to charge a homeowner for shooting and killing a 72-year-old alzheimer's patient after he wandered into the man's yard saturday.
4:36 pm
controversy stand your ground law. joins me from chickamagua where the shooting took place. >> complicated situation as the sheriff's department describes, they have just given a pile of papers,
4:37 pm
barking he walked around the back of the house. henderson and his family woke up and stayed on the phone with a dispatcher for, hendricks armed himself while his fiancee stayed on the phone, still waiting for a patrol car. then hendricks stepped onto the porch, repeatedly called for the man to identify hymns himself. he got no response. he fired a fatal shot. deputies arrived six minutes later. >> there isn't anything i have found that he broke any law by exiting his home to protect his
4:38 pm
property. >> stand your ground law, the district attorney decides whether or not that applies to the shoot and kill, residents are mixed as to whether he should have pulled the trigger. >> i think he should have waited for the police. >> you have a lot of people who will jump the gun, every time they are pushed a little bit they are going to jump the gun. it's the same thing with the conceal and carry law. >> i would shoot to protect my property, myself. >> you think the right. >> i
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respective histories. we start our coverage in thailand where prime minister yingluck shinawatra has dissolved parliament. after, thousands fill the streets accusing her of being a puppet of her brother who because ousted from power in 2006, and convicted of corruption. protestors say dissolving parliament is enough and that no shinawatra government should be allowed to stay in power. wayne hawai hay is in bangkok. >> large groups of protestors sit off on long journeys, final battle and he said their objective was clear. >> to be the winner. >> the protest started a month
4:41 pm
ago with the stated aim of returning power to the people. and as they began their long march the prime minister made a concession. >> translator: bloarts and sisters of thailand, i'm yingluck shinawatra, the prime minister of thailand. i have decided to request a royal decree to dissolve parliament this year. >> but the goals of the protestors have changed. and as they arrived to the office of the prime minister it became clear that a new election wasn't enough. >> translator: dissolving parliament doesn't matter. we have come here because we want to restore the monarchy and the nation. dissolving parliament won't solve the country's problems. >> the protestors are backed by the opposition democrat party which has failed to win the last five elections. a trend that's likely to continue in the next vote. now, the people here say they
4:42 pm
want to eradicate the so-called regime of thaksin shinawatra, the former prime minister accused of abusing his power. the prime minister at the time that they were trying to force out was watsuwat can brother-in-law of thaksin shinn watt. he delivered another fiery speech in front of tens of thousands of supporters. and repeated his call for a reform committee to rub the country. >> this means that from now on, the people will appoint a people's prime minister and a people's government. from now on we'll have the people's council having the legislating, no longer the government which is no longer the in power. >> the interim government is in power and the protestors seem like they're settling in for
4:43 pm
another long fight. even though this was supposed to be their final day. way hay, al jazeera bangkok. >> vice president joe biden is calling on the government of ukraine to halt violence against protestors. armed, police say it was not them, but it is the latest in a worsening political standoff. former heavy weight boxing champion, turned opposition, vladimir klichko, turned, at least four people have died since in fighting since protestors and police. maria inez feret. >> a group loss in the sierra
4:44 pm
nevada mountains, a couple with four children went out to check out the snow and never returned. search and rescue teams went out last night and went through most of the night. former san diego mayor bob filner resigned last august facing allegations he mistreated women, he placed one in a head lock, kissing another and grabbing a third. following last week's deadly train derailment, brakes will automatically turn on if a driver is going too fast. transport workers have already installed the automatic brakes at the site of last week's deadly crash. >> inez where, thank you. attacking cancer growth with the modified form of the hiv
4:45 pm
virus, a revolutionary treatment. and the new england patriots took the loss of rob gronkowski, ross is here, next. >> conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> talk to al jazeera. >> only on al jazeera america. >> oh my!
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>> start with one issue ad guests on all sides of the debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america
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>> i actually worked open the well, pretty dismal year. >> a decade earlier while based in singapore a routine checkup
4:48 pm
revealed that he had a leukemia. cancer of the blood. >> what did you feel? >> shocked. the first thought was when am i going to die? >> at first chemotherapy helped but then the cancer came back with a vengeance. this time, an even nastier strain. >> i'm dying, i'm living on transfusions at that point and you can't live on transfusions forever. >> his time running out, bob decided a radical new approach at the university of pennsylvania. >> to even be eligible for the m
4:49 pm
infusing the t cells with a form of the aids advisor. so that it cannot cause, newly engineered t cells are infused back into the blood. only weeks after his treatments bob lovett was tested. >> there was no more leukemia. >> was it surprising? >> it was gratifying. >> 59 end stage leukemia patients, only six have seen their leukemia return. the results just published are preliminary but encouraging. the scientists involved believe
4:50 pm
the treatment to battle leukemia may also treat various other forms of cancer. bob is pruning his trees, his cancer behind him. >> it's amazing that something can happen that quickly. a miracle. just a miracle. >> my goodness, al jazeera's chris bury reporting. you can catch his amazing report, on america tonight, 9 eastern time on al jazeera america. ross, this is really bad news. >> a tough break for the patriots. rob gronkowski, makes everybody around him better, like tony, makes it so much easier, nasty hit to his right knee.
4:51 pm
it occurred in the third quarter, of the patriots come back, against the browns, you might want to look away, gronkowski got hilt by technology ward - -- hit byt.j.. according to multiple reports, gronk has a torn acl and ncl tendon in his knee. anita mark, now it seems like defensive backs are going low and sort of messing around with a person's career because these are devastating knee injuries. how are the players adjusting and will we see another rule change from the league? >> i don't believe you'll see another rule change, with roger goodell, dementia and the brain injuries that they're seeing taking place with players who
4:52 pm
played before they had all these rules is much more damaging to the future of the nfl than knee injuries. i'm going to give you some stats. get this: this season alone, there's about 50 acl injuries that have taken place. only 75% of them though, 75% were noncontact. like we saw with wide receiver reggie wayne with the colts. dustin miller, randall cobb, and gronkowski, even with those stats i don't think it's enough for the nfl to feel like a knee injury is more severe than a brain injury. >> okay anita i'm not going olie, it was fun watching those games in snowy conditions from my toasty couch. is this something we're going to have to be used to? >> the denver broncos against
4:53 pm
the seattle seahawks, in the super bowl, they only allowed 4 rushing touchdowns.until that game. defense of defense is at a disadvantage. the farmers almanac is predicting these type of conditions for the super bowl. this does not bode well for the team whose signature is that, seattle seahawks. peyton manning who threw for 400 yards in cold weather conditions. going in you think peyton manning has the disadvantage? no. defensive teams who find their way to the super bowl because of defense, probe, are the ones that are the odd men out in that matchup. >> now you mentioned peyton manning and he kind of made a statement, the knock was he kind
4:54 pm
of couldn't play in the cold weather but he stretched his haters yesterday. >> 400 yards in bad weather. if the farmers almanac is right which 80% of the time they are, it's going to be interesting to see who has the vac. based on the way we saw defense, that baltimore ravens game, how many points were scored in the fourth quarter alone because the defense couldn't get their grip. the defense is at a disadvantage if the super bowl has these types of condition. >> the ravens game, that final two minutes. mike shanahan, refused to answer questions that he was going to resign after last year's conditions, and robert griffin iii. >> his offensive coordinator
4:55 pm
kyle shanahan, who is mike shanahan's son. look at that dynamic who has developed there, the owner who is tight with his quarterback who doesn't like his offensive coordinator, whose father is the head coach. it's gotten ugly. there's a lot of drama that's going on behind the scenes. i do not see mike shanahan coaching the washington redskins going into 2014. who wants that job? who knows because dan schneider is a very hands-on owner. i don't see a guy like john gruden who just recently reupped with espn or bill cower, those high prow file guys that teams want, i do not see mike shanahan there after this season. >> reporting from new york, just some interesting drama going on in d.c., tony. >> an interesting quarterback that means the coaches are going
4:56 pm
to go first. no? >> they don't want to replace the quarterback. a storm threatening the east coast, dave warren will have it, back in just a moment.
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in. >> meteorologist dave warren. another round of winter weather is what we are expecting. starting to see that first off in the northern plains. there are blizzard warnings in effect. the wind is starting to pick up. these are the temperatures what it feels like. the temperatures are down to around zero, when you factor the wind 20 employee. there's not a lot of snow, but blizzard warning. reduced visibility, this area in north and south dakota seeing a blizzard warning, because the visibility can drop. don't let the fact that there's not much snow falling fool you, it could still be dangerous on the roadways. the temperatures along mid atlantic states above i-95 is good, let it melt before the next round of winter weather
4:59 pm
comes in. there's a winter storm warning, with snow accumulating quickly. dark blue color there could be a band over i-95 where the snow really gets heavy for a brief period of time. as with the past storm could see one to two, maybe three inches per hour and it could accumulate quickly. this is at 11:00. if you dry to work tomorrow morning it's clear, just hold tight because this will not be lasting that long. the snow will accumulate quickly but by 12, 1:00, 2:00, the snow is clearing out, by the evening rush could be improved compared to what you have in the morning. right by i-95. the road treatment should be able to work. it is right in the middle of the day where we could get another three to five inches of snow along i-95 and into boston. a look at the headlines is
5:00 pm
coming up next. >> american airlines finished merging to form the largest air carrier. the names air ways will pass into history. the u.s. congress has gone back to work. the passage of a new spending bill will avoid

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